Tuesday - June 6th, 2023
NQ4I Superstation

Technical Support

Correspondence and Culinary Director

Don has been instrumental in the QSL efforts for the past 8 years. He has single-handedly caught up with all bureau requests, and has totally handled the incoming rush of qsl's from my aeronautical mobile efforts as well as our huge contest qso totals. Just recently we added LOTW for our major contest operations, and this will hopefully give Don some breathing space. Don works with Tony,  LZ1JZ in the design of the QSL cards for all operations. The behind the scene work of Don has made a tremendous impact on the success of the NQ4I M-M operations.


Station Engineer

Jeff is instrumental in the technical aspects of the operational success. Jeff has designed the Stack Switching logic using the RCS8 switchbox to give our stack antennas a large degree of flexibility. Jeff designed a Lock-Out system that is used in every contest. Jeff repairs all the lightning damaged equipment and suggests operation improvements across the board. He has been the driving force behind our computer networking for the past 9 years. He is a very stabilizing force and meshes well with all he comes in contact with. He is very analytical in nature and really balances my over-enthusiasm. Jeff is always a great sounding board for all anticipated equipment upgrades, antenna projects, network solutions, and is the all round fix it individual.


Chief Operator

Jim has been associated with the NQ4I team since 2002. He hit the ground running and has taken the lead in operational aspects of the Multi-Multi team. He began as the band Captain of 40 meters. During the years he has been here, he has been instrumental in logistical decisions for the Team's participation in major contests. Jim has mentored new contesters over the years. The success of our operations has been directly related to Jim's involvement. He has assisted in numerous antenna projects. He has participated in numerous CQ and ARRL contests from NQ4I as a single operator and has logged numerous First, Second and top Ten finishes.


Webmaster & Network Engineer

Bobby is the most recent addition to the NQ4I team. He is a very young and motivated contester. His enthusiasm is catching. He is the driving force behind the successful NQ4I Web Page. Bobby designed and maintains the web page. He stays in touch and provides daily inputs to the web page. He is an excellent ssb contester and with the tutelage of VE7ZO will become a first class CW op as well. We welcome the energy and enthusiasm of Bobby. He will be a real asset to the Multi-Multi Team.

Chief Operator (Low Bands)

Mark, W4SVO is the Chief Operator for the low bands at NQ4I M-M. Mark has the most hands on experience of any operator in the South East US on 80m and 160m...he has been the driving force behind all the low band success at NQ4I...he has contributed to antenna design, and installation of the 160m antennas and the 80m antennas. Mark has the tenacity of a "Bull Dog" when it comes to contesting on the low bands....He has the best propagation knowlege and call sign recognition of any low band operator...we are indeed fortunate to have Mark as our "Low Band Chief Op" .